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  • Our Onda Beach Towels are exceptionally absorbent, fast-drying, compact, sand resistant and antimicrobial to make them the perfect, low-maintenance travel companion! 

    Grab your shades and your Huntington Beach Towel before your next outing! With the warmth and colors of the sun, we hope it inspires you to find the nearest coast on your next adventure or take an extra minute to watch the sun set wherever you are!

    Made from 100% recycled plastics per the Global Recycled Standards-yep we make these from your old plastic bottles!

    Sueded finish for a soft touch that gets softer with every wash!

  • MATERIAL: 80% Polyester/ 20% Polyamide from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics

    WASH INSTRUCTIONS: Wash in cold water and either hang dry or tumble dry-detergents and softners are ok to use

    SIZE: 90cm x 150cm or 35" x 59"

    WEIGHT: Extremely lightweight at only 10 ounces

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Customer Reviews

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Wendy Sabir
I like it



Love the design (warm, lifting, energizing, and soothing) as well the texture (soft on my skin), absorption (good), resistance to sand (I do not need to shake it and get sand in mine and people's eyes and bodies), compact (it takes almost no space in my luggage or closet), dryness (way faster than our usual beach and regular towels), antimicrobial (just got back from Costa Rica and did not wash my towel once; no odor but smells clean and fresh), and recyclable (we get to take care of God's creations for all to enjoy).
I see the towels created by Onda-brand as revolutionary. Yes, it is a change in culture for its texture but one that you can get used to because of it's unique benefits. I am ready to change these towels for my family's daily use towels with designs and colors that match with our French Country home.
Go Onda team. Outstanding product.


The towels are amazing! They are everything they are advertised to be. Compact, dries fast, sand doesn’t stick to them. They are essential for any trip to the pool, beach, etc. because they work so well and save on space. The customer service of the company is also exceptional. I read online they wanted to be a company easy to work with and I 100% agree!!

Catherine Cifuentes

I bought the Huntington and I love it! It is very soft and compact. I love the design and the bright color. I definitely recommend it.

Daniel Dalanhese
Must Have Gym Towel

I was skeptical 🧐 at first when Onda gloated about the feel of the material, the compactability and the absorptive nature. I would have to say that they were spot on, the feel is what gets me!!! They are so soft and absorptive!!! Unreal:) love my Gym towel:)