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  • Our Onda Beach Towels are exceptionally absorbent, fast-drying, compact, sand resistant and antimicrobial to make them the perfect, low-maintenance travel companion!  

    The Bahamian waters of Nassau are eye candy for the tropical soul-which we obviously are! The Nassau beach towel boasts of the bright blues and greens that make Nassau both relaxing and playful!

    Made from 100% recycled plastics per the Global Recycled Standards-yep we make these from your old plastic bottles!

    Sueded finish for a soft touch that gets softer with every wash!

  • MATERIAL: 80% Polyester/ 20% Polyamide from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics

    WASH INSTRUCTIONS: Wash in cold water and either hang dry or tumble dry-detergents and softners are ok to use

    SIZE: 90cm x 150cm or 35" x 59"

    WEIGHT: Extremely lightweight at only 10 ounces

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda Hyer
Super Absorbent - Travels well

Love these towels! I used this in my hot yoga class and it performed superbly; not only did it absorb the heat/moisture on my mat so I didn't slip it was useful to use afterwards to wipe off all the sweat. Each time I do a hot yoga class I feel it's a detox session for my body in how much I sweat and release due to the heat in the room. I will continue to use these towels for this class and for travels abroad as they fold down nicely, are light weight and dry quickly - the perfect all around adventure towel.