The ONDA Cobalt

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  • Our Onda Beach Towels are exceptionally absorbent, fast-drying, compact, sand resistant and antimicrobial to make them the perfect, low-maintenance travel companion! 

    Onda translates to wave in English and we believe water is our connecting force on Earth-we are all riding this wave of life together! So keep connected on your journey with our signature beach towel, the Onda!

    Made from 100% recycled plastics per the Global Recycled Standards-yep we make these from your old plastic bottles!

    Sueded finish for a soft touch that gets softer with every wash!

  • MATERIAL: 80% Polyester/ 20% Polyamide from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics

    WASH INSTRUCTIONS: Wash in cold water and either hang dry or tumble dry-detergents and softners are ok to use

    SIZE: 90cm x 150cm or 35" x 59"

    WEIGHT: Extremely lightweight at only 10 ounces

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jordan Valley School
Teacher Appreciation

We bought these towels for our teachers. The quality is great, and the customer service is wonderful!!! We are so happy with our purchase.

Sarah Mason
Great Towels

We’ve bought towels like these before but your prints are fresh. Towels with this technology have been around for a few years so you sounded fake when you were claiming that you developed the product. But your towels do have really cool style so that’s what makes them unique and worth buying. The price point is high - I wouldn’t have bought any if they weren’t BOGO. We’ll enjoy these towels.

Heidi Pack
Best purchase I've made in a long time

These towels are so many good things wrapped up in one. Recycled material (Yes)! Huge when open, tiny when folded (so much less space needed in beach bags or suitcases)! Hugely absorbent and yet they dry so fast.

We took them on a campout and our tent flooded 3 of the 4 nights. These towels SAVED our vacation. We dredged out the water, hung our sleeping bags and the towels to dry. We used other regular towels from the family we camped with. The other towels were wet all day for two days even with squeezing them out after they were soaked through. The sleeping bags dried by nightfall, thankfully, but the Onda Towels? They were dry in an hour and we got way more water out of our tent than with the other towels. And then we played hard in the lake and these towels were dry EVERY time we needed them. The other towels were useless until the next afternoon, the Onda Towels went from sopping wet to dry more than 5x in a day. For multiple days. I'm so glad we invested in these towels!

Anne Hajigeorgiou
Quick Drying + Compact

We purchased beach towels and gym towels. The beach towels are much larger than a standard beach towel, super quick drying and fold up to the size of a book you’d bring to the beach. I was able to downsize from my heavy beach bag with all of the space savings! The kids can now carry around their own towel and the colors are bright and fun! The gym towels are also compact and quick drying! This busy mom also loves how much time is saved in the dryer! Onda towels are a must have!

Aaron S
Amazing - Must Have!!

Onda towels are a must have! The thoughtful design, unmatched functionality and exceptional quality provide extraordinary value. The quick drying technology is incredible and makes a day on the water or around the house much easier. Definitely a must have product that everyone needs.